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CRFF Ranks The Big 12

The staff gets together to rank the Big 12 once again. It still hasn't gotten pretty for us.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

So another week and another loss, as Oklahoma state has found ways to disapoint us time and time again this season so have other teams in the Big 12.

Texas Tech is just about as good as Kansas in some eyes, ISU has finally won the battle for tenth place, OU is having arguably the worst season in recent memory and WVU is sitting at 6-4 with only one win against a ranked team, Baylor, although I guess that's still a good season in Morgantown.

TCU isn't excused from the mess that is the Big 12 as they barely escaped a loss to Kansas. Although the team seems to be getting better they should have blown them out of the water but that's not the disappointing part about it. The worst part is that even with a win, they still lose their top four spot in the actual rankings and the top spot in the staff rankings.

Here are this weeks rankings according to your favorite staff:

1 Baylor(6) 96
2 TCU (4) 94
3 KSU 80
4 Oklahoma 64
5 Texas 61
6 WVU 54
7 Oklahoma State 33
8 Texas Tech 31
9 Kansas 26
10 Iowa State