Another Hype Video For Cowboy Football


We are less than three weeks away from the start of the college football season! If your like me and your anticipation is so great that time itself seems to be at a standstill, this isn't going to help.

Gundy Spoke With The Media After Saturday's Scrimmage


MIke Gundy took some time after the scrimmage on Saturday to talk with the media about player developments.

Tyreek Hill continues to progress

Gundy thinks they've had more walk-on's awarded scholarships than any other school in the Big 12

J.W. Walsh is playing well, and made some plays.

Too many penalties were Gundy's biggest concern

Reddit's Most Hated College Football Teams By State


Reddit released an map of the United States by showing the most hated college football team by state.

Cowboy and Sooner fans agree that neither one cares for the Longhorns much, but a lot of other folks hate them too. Nebraska isn't even in the Big 12 anymore and they still hate Texas more than anyone else.

Not surprisingly the most hated team in Ohio is Michigan, but what on earth did the Wolverines do to piss off Nevada?

Something weird is going on in SEC country. The State of Alabama hates Bama, MIssissippi hates Ole Miss, Florida hates the Gators, Kentucky hates Kentucky, and South Carolina hates the Gamecocks.

It's also interesting that Montana, North Dakota, and Vermont just don't care about college football. I can't even imagine what that would be like.

Rickie Fowler Impressive Once Again


Only one golfer from Oklahoma State has ever won a major. Rickie Fowler is trying to change that. As the third day of the PGA Championship tee's off, he sits behind only Rory McIlroy on the leader board. At seven under Rickie is two strokes off the lead.

Fowler has finished in the top 5 in the last three PGA Majors, and has shot six consecutive major rounds in the 60's. Knock on the door long enough, and it's bound to open. This weekend Fowler just might step across the threshold into greatness.

Bob Connelly Talks About The Offensive Line


Offensive Line Coach Bob Connelly has his work cut out for him. With so many new names the O-Line is a primary concern for the Pokes headed into the season. The new coach spoke a little bit after practice about how the squad is coming together.

Barry Sanders, The Greatest Of All Time


In a tournament held by ESPN Barry Sanders was voted as having the greatest season of all-time, and it wasn't even close!

Sanders went through "The Season" tournament easier than going through a Jayhawk defensive line.

Barry Sanders 97%
Howard Twilley 3%

Barry Sanders 91%
Tony Dorsett 9%

Barry Sanders 78%
Cam Newton 22%

Barry Sanders 72%
Vince Young 28%

Tyreek Hill Listed As A Top 10 Breakout Player For 2014


The first play of Hill's juco tape is a 40-yard TD catch on a post route from the slot. The second is an 80-yard TD run from I-formation, with the 5-10, 185-pound speedster as the tailback. Hill, who moonlights as a record-setting sprinter, hits the edge, flips a switch and is gone.

ESPN's Travis Haney listed his top 50 breakout players for 2014.

The Big 12 had five players make the list including Oklahoma State newcomer Tyreek Hill at number 9.

Not All Mascots Are Created Equal


Norman Underwood with Wide Right & Natty Light put together a little pros and cons list for the all the Big 12 mascots, and it's amazing!

PRO: Can emulate Michael Jackson's dance moves despite a severely disproportionate head-to-body ratio
CON: Routinely brings firearms into crowded facilities

PRO: Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles villain-like appearance
CON: Band plays Boomer Sooner

PRO: Contributes to the quality of grass at Darrell K. Royal Stadium
CON: [Poops] on the turf

Well, your just going to have to head over there to read the rest. I recommend that you do.

Rickie Fowler is a Beast!


The PGA Championship's first round is today, and Rickie Fowler finished with a 69. It's his 5th consecutive, and 7th overall, round in the 60's in a major this year!

The round hasn't completed yet, but Fowler currently sits in 8th, just four strokes off the lead.

Do Work: The Cowboys Practice on 8/5/14


The season can get here fast enough!

Oklahoma State Athletics has put up a cinematic video of the Cowboys' practice on 8-5-14.

That throw from Mason Rudolph... oh my!