Oklahoma State Lands 3 Star Big Man


OSU lands 2016 power forward Gorjok Gak.

After talking it through with my family & coach.. I have officially committed to Oklahoma State University!! ⚪️⚫️ #Cowboys

— Gorjok Gak (@Gorjok12) November 11, 2015

Gundy Confirms QB Daxx Garman Will Transfer


"I know he's going to transfer. I just don't know where." -Mike Gundy

Mike Gundy confirmed rumors during his press conference today that QB Daxx Garman is transferring out of the Oklahoma State program.

"I really want to thank him for what he's done for Oklahoma State football." Gundy said.

Ouch, That Quote Smarts


"In college I took a lot of bad shots because I was on a team where I had to take a lot of bad shots." - Marcus Smart

Marcus Smart has been killing it from 3-point land in Boston. Which is something not many Oklahoma State fans saw coming, but according to Smart there's a reason for that. Smart gave a rather interesting quote to Read the full article here

Everybody Loses In The Tyreek Hill Situation


"He's having a hard time looking past his situation," the source said. "Guys are trying to encourage him, but he's really dwelling on it. The dispute, being arrested, being off the team, disappointing friends & family, uncertainty about the future, etc."

David Ubben with Fox Sports wrote a fantastic piece on the Tyreek Hill Situation. This quote from a source reportedly close to Tyreek stood out.

It's an important reminder that in situations like this, there are no winners. Just sadness.

Rudolph The Redshirt Freshman


Rudolph the redshirt freshman, Had a very awesome throw
And when you finally see it you will even say 'Go Pokes'
All of the other Cowboys used to not know his name
They never let poor Rudolph start in any football games
Then one chilly autumn eve, Gundy came to say
Rudolph with your throws so right. Won't you start and win tonight.
Then all the other Cowboys loved him, as they shouted out with glee
Rudolph, Kick some sooner ass & you'll go down in history!

This incredible poem as posted by Janna Lea Choney over on an Oklahoma State Football Facebook page. It's absolutely fantastic!

Mason Rudolph To Play This Season?


"I'm hearing more and more that Mason Rudolph could play before the end of the season. Possibly this week." -Bob Barry Jr.

Did Bob Barry Jr. casually drop a bombshell on his radio show on WWLS the Sports Animal this morning? BBJ indicated that Oklahoma State could be considering abandoning thoughts of keeping Mason Rudolph's redshirt intact, and that he's been taking more and more reps in practice.

It's important to keep in mind this is all speculation, and Bob Barry Jr. was in no way saying it's for sure going to happen, just that he wouldn't be surprised if it did.

Le'Bryan Nash Needs To Meet Expectations


Marcus Smart and Markel Brown are gone, so Nash has to be a stud -- and he's capable of that -- on offense and defense or the Cowboys will dwell in the Big 12's basement this season. He'll have to carry as much weight as Smart did last season...

ESPN's Myron Medcalf listed Le'Bryan Nash as one of the 10 players in the country that needs to meet expectations this upcoming season.

Agree or disagree? What's your keys for the Cowboys in order to have a successful 2014-15 season?

Breaking Madden, The Funniest Thing You Will Read All Week


"He ... I mean, damn. In last week's Breaking Madden we saw a guy pick up a dude and throw him, but ... he picks him up, turns, and shoves his precious little face directly into the face mask of a sprinting Derrick Morgan. God DANG. I don't know whether I've ever made this clear, so I'll do that now: never, ever, ever, ever attempt to recreate a Breaking Madden scenario in real life, ever."

If you haven't been reading the new season of SB Nation's Breaking Madden you are missing out. It's phenomenal. Every week I am laughing so hard it hurts. I just had to share it here.

In last weeks edition Jon Bois sent Jadeveon Clowney on a quest for 201 sacks in a single game. Let's just say it was a really bad day for former Baylor QB, Robert Griffin, III.

In this week's installment the mayhem continues as Jon punishes Tony Romo for nearly costing Dez Bryant his life. I cannot recommend reading this enough.

New Reports Suggest Walsh Did Not Break Foot


Contrary to other reports, sources indicate Walsh's foot is not broken.

News6: REPORTS: OSU's Walsh Out Indefinitely With Foot Injury
Oklahoma's News 6 is reporting That Oklahoma State starting QB J.W. Walsh does not have a broken foot, but the recovery timeline is still 4-6 weeks.

The Bears Prepare for the Cowboys


Missouri State's football team used a rare Saturday without a game to watch its next opponent. What a show Oklahoma State put on.

Bears Brace For Speedy Oklahoma State Squad
The Springfield New-Leader analyses the Missouri State Bears next opponent, the Oklahoma State Cowboys.