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Oklahoma State vs Kansas, As Told By Jayhawk Fans

You know that feeling you get after someone slips you the dead fish handshake? That's about what it's like to experience football as a Jayhawk fan.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas fans watching football are pretty much like every other football fan base... if they were watching the Lifetime Network. If it's not basketball, they just don't care, and if it there's another game on... well they'll just try to catch the Jayhawks during commercials. I guess when your team has only won three conference games in five years it's kind of hard to get too pumped up, but this is just sad.

The Jayhawks had Oklahoma State on the ropes and the fans barely seem to notice. I couldn't even figure out when halftime was, and for the first time since I've been putting this post together, I didn't have to sensor a single curse word. Not one!

This is going to be short. Really, really short. Honestly though, I'm okay with that. I would rather not spend any more time on this disaster of a game than need be. At least the Cowboys escaped Lawrence with the win.

Here's the game as told by Jayhawk fans.  ...Kind of.


I wonder if this [game thread] will get more comments about the football game or the royals.

Wow, terrible turnout.


Pressure on Garman early.

And now a turnover. We look like a football team momentarily.

And the refs take it away.

Insert weekly "Boateng sucks" comment.

But he almost got an interception on a ball thrown right at him!

Beautiful pass there by Cummings.

I just checked the gamecast and we are winning? With a sustained offensive drive?!?!?

Well, we know who the jinx master is today.

So we call a timeout coming out of a timeout, then we give up a 17 yard run on 3rd and 18. Come on.

Well, that was a deflating couple of plays.

And the review doesn't screw us!

What happened? Flipping between three games.

Garman was hit while throwing, and it was ruled a fumble which we got in great field position. On replay it looked to be very close to an incompletion instead of a fumble but it wasn't overruled.

We got ourselves a ball game.

T Boone must be betting on us to cover the spread.

This game is exciting.

Between this and the royals I don't know what to do with myself.

More fight from the Jayhawks than we've seen in a long time

It's a start?

Well that's a dagger in the heart.

We've been dinking the kicks all game to keep it away from Hill. Bad time to change philosophy I guess.

And that will do it.

FINAL (Oklahoma State 27 - Kansas 20)