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An Open Letter to J.W. Walsh

I may or may not have a case of buyer's remorse.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Dear J.W. Walsh,

Whenever you were injured (tragically, in retrospect), I felt bad, but I admit, I was curious to see what Garman could do. It made a great story. He was an underdog that hadn't played since 2009. With a big arm, he came in and showed promise of leading the Pokes to glory.

I hoped that Daxx's ability to throw it down the field would open up the playbook. I thought success in the passing game would open up room for the run.

I'm sorry, how naive was I?

The offensive line is atrocious. Gundy knew that, and it's why he gave you the keys to the kingdom. Daxx may be able to throw it 60 yards, but he can't scramble like you. He can't run an effective zone read like you. Because of the O-line, the offense is built to fit you. Nowadays, the deep ball can't even save us, the run game is as weak as it's ever been. intermediate passing is nonexistent, and the play calling is horrible.

You have uncanny ability to extend plays and it has really helped us over the years. More than I realized. Whether it be gaining an extra 45 yards on a zone read against Texas or rolling out to buy your receivers time, your wheels are missed.

Also, as cliche as it sounds, you provided leadership to this offense. Something the Cowboys desperately need right now. This team is about to go through a gauntlet in these final five games. I was wrong in my quarterback choice and I apologize for it.

Sure, you may not be able to hit the 20 yard out and your throwing motion might be less than ideal, but you do the most important thing... You WIN.

Get well soon. The Cowboys need their leader.

Go Pokes!