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BUY or SELL? Oklahoma State Gets Shutout By Kansas State

The Oklahoma State offense is shell of it's former self, and with Bill Snyder and the K-State Wildcats on deck, are the Cowboys in danger of being blanked on the road?

Brett Deering

The Oklahoma State offense has gone M.I.A., and Coach Gundy has called off the search party. Three weeks ago the Pokes put at least 20 on the scoreboard for the 58th straight game, and then the offense went into hiding. In the last two games OSU has scored 19 total points. Worse than that though, they've scored just one touchdown in the last 10 quarters of play!

If a defense can figure out how to stop up the middle, up the middle, chuck it deep, then OSU is in trouble. The offensive line can't hold a block, and Garman seriously misjudges just how much time he has to get rid of the ball. West Virginia's game plan was to bring pressure, and the Pokes struggled to find an answer.

This week the Cowboys play one of the most well coached teams in the country. Kansas State is undefeated in the Big 12, and they just systematically dismantled the dysfunctional Longhorns. Texas was kept off the scoreboard, losing 23-0. So we ask you...

BUY or SELL? Oklahoma State gets shutout by Kansas State.

Can a disheartened Cowboy offense find any success against what just might be the most disciplined team in the country?