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CRFF Player of the Game Results: West Virginia

The results are in for the weekly player of the game poll.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

After a couple of days of voting and reaching a new stage in the grieving process, all of the votes are in.

You guys have voted Kevin Peterson as the player of the game!

Peterson received 58% of votes from the fans and he certainly deserved every one of them. Peterson did an outstanding job shutting down the nation's leader in receiving yards, holding him to only 27 yards and three receptions. We're lucky that he provided the much-needed relief after the Mountaineers came out and got and early 14-0 lead through the air.

Next up is Jordan Sterns who received 35% of votes. Sterns had a monster day and recorded 20 tackles. The OSU record is 27 in a game. He is a young player that is really showing us that he'll be an even better safety as he gains experience.

Lastly, Tyreek Hill received only 6% of votes. Despite this being his most active game since the opener, 19 touches, Hill didn't light up the scoreboard, but he did have over 100 all-purpose yards and served as a decoy that set up OSU's lone touchdown drive.

As far as the newly installed "Player of the Blame" goes, I'm saying coach Gundy. You can blame OSU's problems on Daxx, the OL, or Yurcich, but Gundy controls all of it. If he wants change, he should change it.

Yucich bad? Appoint someone else or takeover himself.

OL bad? Call plays that take pressure off of them.

Is Daxx playing poorly? Replace him.

Gundy is the head coach and is in control. That's why he deserves blame for this.

Swing by next Sunday after the Cowboys try to get bowl eligible against the Kansas State Wildcats.

Go Pokes!