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BUY or SELL? Oklahoma State Becomes Bowl Eligible This Season

Can the Cowboys find one more win on the schedule?

Brett Deering

So close, yet so far. At five wins on the year, Oklahoma State sits just one win away from securing their spot in a bowl game. A win that many Cowboys fans fear won't happen. The Cowboys found ways to beat the the weaker teams on their schedule early in the season, but have been exposed as the schedule has gotten tougher.

As we look ahead on the Cowboy's schedule there's no more games remaining as an expected "W". The Pokes will be are an underdog against Kansas State on Saturday. Don't expect an upset either with the way the Cowboys have been playing. Just yesterday we wondered if they can even score. They also won't be favored against Baylor and OU to close out the year.

That leaves just one "winnable" game left, Texas. The Longhorns are a whole different kind of disaster as Charlie Strong dismisses more guys than a season of the "Bachelorette". So we ask you...

BUY or SELL? Oklahoma State becomes Bowl eligible this season.

Can the Cowboys find a way to beat Texas, or is dial up the blitz a blueprint to beating the Pokes that even the Longhorns can follow?