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CRFF Staff Predictions: Voldemort Lives

The staff gets together to predict what kind of game we will see this week. Just a word of warning; if you aren't having the best day, this probably isn't going to help you feel any better.

Brett Deering

After a second disappointing loss in which the Cowboys continued their skid of seemingly being lost on offense the team is set to travel to Manhattan, Kansas, to take on a Kansas State team that could very easily be undefeated.

So with a tough road trip in mind, the staff got together and predicted some things, not all of them are Cowboy related and it's

Gerald Tracy - What could be worse than not showing up? Not showing up while the other team continues to try and give us the game. KSU wins 24-10

Taylor York - KSU 45 OSU 23

Cory Treece - KSU 35 OSU 17. More of the same from the offense.

Gunter Sharp - OSU 24-21

P.S. Gunter is the first to predict an OSU win since they played Kansas.

Derek Hatridge - Bill Snyder is like an impossible-to-vanquish Voldemort. And Manhattan is a vicious place to play. Cats win 32-21.

Robert Whetsell - We do better than Texas...23-3

Bryan King - I can't spoil Picks From Joes, but I'm way more pessimistic than y'all. Also I'm going to pre-apologize for anything I may say.

Chris Ross - It's time to face reality. For whatever reason this team just isn't very good. It loads of talent, but is missing key pieces. I wanted to believe they were going to step up to the competition and get it together. I wanted to believe the talent at wide receiver would make up for other inefficiencies. I was wrong. There's just too much broken. Short of throwing in a new QB, getting some depth at o-line, and making an unheard of mid-season OC coaching change, it's not going to get any better for the Cowboys. Kansas State is one of the most well coached teams in the country. This is going to be ugly. Time to focus on Texas, and doing earning an extra month of practice. KSU 31 - OSU 3, and I have a feeling I'm being to generous to the Pokes.

Cade Webb - This is one of those games that I actually feel like we match up well in. However, we are not going to put up more than 20 points, and Kansas State is. So, KSU 24-17

Nick Tyler - K-State 27-OSU 13. The offense is going to look sluggish. The D will keep us in it for awhile until the Snydercats pull away lateish. Another rough day for the Pokes.

Thomas Fleming - KSU - 34 OSU - 13. If OSU shows no change to their offense, I'm going to shoot myself in the face.

Josh Poteet - After scoring 19 points in 8 quarters yall think we score 20? No way. KSU 27 - OSU 10

Pokelahoma - 34-3 not us, clearly.

Evan Turner - Let's start picking Thunder games. KSU - 27 OSU- 10

Josh Poteet - Portland 104 - OKC 92

Schultzy - KSU 45-7 The only NBA game that matters: Mavs 105 Spurs 97

Is the season so bad right now that we should be seriously picking NBA and MLB games? Credit to Gunter if the Cowboys win this week, he's the only staffer who gets to say he said so. Here's to the Cowboys trying to become bowl eligible! What do you, the fans think? Cowboys win or no?