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Oklahoma State vs UTSA, As Told By Roadrunner Fans

There is nothing like a game thread. They are something to be cherished. A full range of human emotion is experienced within just three hours. Sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy.

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If you haven't read the previous two editions of "As Told By The Fans", you are missing out! The way this works is I wade through the joy, depravity, excitement, and sorrow that are game threads, and select the best comments to tell the story of the game.

UTSA just started playing football, and don't yet have a dedicated SB nation blog covering them. I didn't hold that against the Roadrunner fans though, and found A UTSA message board that treated Oklahoma State fans well all week.

Things start out well enough, but quickly turn. The typical ensues... blame the refs, blame the coaches, blame the players, try and convince yourself it's going to be okay.  I feel bad for UTSA fans, I really do. Even Oklahoma State fans thought it would be a tough test for the Cowboys. The Roadrunners are such a young, naive, and innocent fan base, to have their hopes and dreams crushed on national TV is a pain Cowboy Nation is all too familiar with.

Here are the best comments from
(Remember, this is being told from a Roadrunner fan point of view)


Here's to a great game and naming numerous impact players after a "W".

Tristan Wade. He gets a pick to seal a close win.

My buddy and I have been in Stillwater since last night and the people have been very nice and welcoming (maybe because they feel we are going to be embarrassed). Met some of the students camping out for a chance to be able to use the paddles. They are not real knowledgeable about UTSA players but they really care and know about their team. Overall this game can teach us more than hurt us on becoming a school who fully supports the program.

Keep the ball out of Tyreek Hill's hands.

I hope we rotate like mf-ers on fire, and we keep fresh legs to match their speed/hurry up offense. Let's see some more Houston penetration and rattle their neophyte pocket passer.

Who all is out?

Richard Burge, Nic Johnston, and Crosby Adams.

Damn, that's not good. Big hit to the D. Burge is a beast inside and that's a huge hit to the secondary. Could be a long day against the OSU wideouts.

Welp. We're fooked.

It's next man up. Please quit acting like it's the end of the world. Will they be missed yes, but you can't worry about it. I don't see OSU complaining that Walsh isn't going to play. They're like f**k it, let Daxx chunk it around.


At our seats... It's GAME TIME!

Promising start! I love it!

Great 3 and out... crowd is silent except for the UTSA chant.

3-0 baby!

Oh boy is it quiet here.

I'm nervous.

That hurt.

Damn, we're getting lucky with the dropped passes.

Costly personal foul. F**k

Was that penalty valid? Didn't show it here...

Yes. Literally committed it 1 foot away from the ref too.

Penalty hurt.

I like the aggressive play but they need play smart.

Why so conservative?

Yeah. Don't like the play calling on first and second downs. Not sure what they are thinking except possibly to keep OSU defense honest to make space for the passing.

We are defeating ourselves.

Refs bought and paid for by the Big 12 and pathetic offense.

Let's hope this game doesn't get out of hand.

The defense has to keep them at bay until the offense gets things together

I'm going to hold my breath.

D line is performing but secondary is getting blasted.

For the first time in a while, we don't appear to be well coached. Broken plays, dumb penalties, sloppy execution.

We're weak at the WR position. Nothing to stretch the defense.

We just don't have the speed at that position.

Their defense is too fast to have plays that take time to develop.

Our offense needs some major help.

We have them in another third and long.

Another stop. Yes!

D is doing its job, the O, not so much.

Please someone make a Gif of OSU nut scratchers.

F**k these play calls.

WTF was that?!?

An option against the speed of that defense?

What the f**k!!!!!

Our best corner is getting abused.

D is tired... O needs to step up and stay on field....

Take Tucker Carter out and see if anyone else is effective, Carter's not making very good decisions at the moment.

Obviously, our deficit is recruiting skill positions. CB and WR's are not competitive.

The Tucker Carter experiment is failing. No faith in him. Sorry guys.

I have seen enough of Carter, time to make a change.

If the offense doesn't get something soon, this game is going to get out of hand quickly.

We need 9. Let's throw for 4.

Carter...hate to say it but he looks scared.

Tucker Carter can throw 3 yard routes. Can I see something else? Especially on 3rd and more than 3...

I can't wait till conference play. Games like this have got to be hell on our confidence.

This is very frustrating to watch. Tucker Carter has lost all confidence. Bennett Okatcha has lost all confidence. We look like Northeast Southwest Central Grand Baptist College of the Southern most corner of the state of Montana...we look bad in other words.

OSU is swinging for the fence while we are laying down bunts.

First time as a UTSA fan that I've been disappointed. I was dreading the arrival of this feeling.

Wow. When it ain't your day, it really ain't your day.

Sean Ianno should take note of how to kick a field goal. Damn....we were in this game. It's not over but we have to be fairly deflated going into the locker room.

I really think our kicker is the least of our concerns.

I can't even watch this anymore.

Playing scared never works out.

If I were Coker, I would go into that locker room and drop a s**t bomb! There would be profanity and violence and maybe even some bloodshed.

We're stinking up this place. Absolutely beautiful campus and stadium!! Friendly people also. Pathetic performance by us. Been patient with Carter but enough's enough. We need to give Austin Robinson a shot.

Here's a crazy f**king idea. PUT AUSTIN ROBINSON IN THE GAME!! Seriously, what can it hurt at this point? Also, at halftime, the coaches need to tell the guys to stop shitting their pants.

Meh, didn't really think we'd win this one, but our offense is getting manhandled.

Looking at the stats on the board... Both teams have completed 7 passes. Us for 40 yards, them for 163 yards...

Okie State is just better than Arizona. They played close with the defending National champs, we played close with a bottom tier PAC-12 team. This shouldn't be a surprise.

HALFTIME (Oklahoma State 24 - UTSA 3)

Look at that. New QB.

Oh s**t [Blake Bogenschutz] in!!!

LOL @ me. They went one better and went true freshman.

Why burn Bogie's redshirt?!? Do not agree with this. SMH.

Horrible decision by Coker, throw this kid in against a defensive line that has dominated us. Man can't believe this and he looked at the one receiver and threw it to him. Not ready for this!!

Turned it off.

We will always support this team, no question about that, but offensively we can't block and the corners (Bennet) are getting killed. We look lost don't know why.

Cheer up guys...we are going bowling this year. Smile and drink beer!

Another first down.

F**k yeah!!!!


Dang son, hell yeah.

F**k yeah Bogie. Love you already.

Omg... Freshman is a player!!

Sometimes being a WINNER is more important than being a certain size or having a great arm.


This is starting to go our way! Let's go!!!

Points on the board! I'll take it any way we can.

Bah, needed 7 there.

They are feeling our hits tonight.

D-Line is now doing more than holding its own :)

Oh my... TD here and I will have to go clean myself.

For those guys at the stadium...we can hear the UTSA chants on TV. Keep representing.

3 And out baby!!!

I've got to say after that 3-and-out, 57000 are silent. It's Awesome, respect and fear.

The game has turned around. Win or lose, I have enjoyed the 2nd half. These are the Roadrunners I know and love. That and the alcohol has kicked in.

Well dang.


Their size at wideout is too much for our short DB's.

Well, looks like OSU just said "enough of trying to run up the middle, let's pick on those corners again." Ouch.

Game blouses. Just cover!

This team better be mad after this.



That was a beat down.

Why not just slide down after that INT? Fucking d**k.

Come on man... you're thrown a fucking gimme TD when you're 20 years old on national TV...? Kid is normal. Now...Play call with 4 seconds to go is questionable... just like MOST of the offensive play calling tonight.

Plenty of teams do that. Berry and Okotcha stepped out of bounds when they picked off Tulane and UNT at the end. Not a big deal though I'll get over it after the post-game anger goes away.

You just explained the difference between our secondary and one that is highly skilled and has a "take no prisoners" attitude. OSU just put on a clinic on how a defensive secondary is supposed to perform. Despite our improvement we could only hope to do as good.

That's a team with 5-6 starters who will play on Sundays. Talent almost always wins out.

Ok, so I am over this game. We won't see a Defense or Offense like OSU for the rest of the year. The OSU players are on a whole other level of talent.

I have lots of butt-hurt at the moment.

FINAL (Oklahoma State 43 - UTSA 13)

I absolutely love doing these posts. They're hilarious. What comments stood out to you? Also be sure to keep your eyes peeled for another, special, edition of "As Told By The Fans" coming later in the week!