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Mike Gundy's Weekly Press Conference - UTSA

Oklahoma State Head Football Coach, Mike Gundy, held his weekly press conference in preparation for UTSA.

Mike Gundy spoke with the media in his weekly press conference. Here are some quick notes from the presser.

J.W. Walsh Injury

J.W. will be evaluated later today. He hasn't been diagnosed with an injury to Gundy's knowledge. Despite some rumors in the media.

"They must know more than I do".

Coach indicated the Injury isn't as severe as originally thought, and Walsh isn't ruled out against UTSA.

Percentage of QB's not making through the year has caused Gundy to distribute more reps to back up guys. When Les Miles was there the 3rd QB wouldn't get any reps, and the 2 would only get 5.

QB Controversy

Gundy was asked if he would prefer a QB that can run well, or a QB with a strong arm.

"I want a guy that can play in the NFL."

Gundy spoke about Mason Rudolph, and said he will continue getting the same number of reps. When asked whether or not he's comfortable putting Rudolph on the field?

"I don't know yet. I don't have to answer that question."

Playing Missouri State

Gundy thought the Cowboys came out flat, but Missouri also did a great job. A sign of being an immature team, and youth affected the way they prepared for the game.

Thought some guys got burned on double moves, and that's just part of inexperience.

Gundy thought Garman made some mistakes, but played well and demeanor was good. Handled himself well.

Up Next UTSA

UTSA is a well coached team, and located in a great recruiting part of the country. Gundy said Coker is a special part of Gundy's family. He coached both Cale, and Mike while offensive coordinator at Oklahoma State in the late '80's.

Game plan wont alter a lot based on who's QB.

Ben Grogan

Gundy was asked about his confidence in kicker Ben Grogan.

"I have a 100% confidence in him, because he's our best kicker."

Gundy said the mistakes Grogan made are correctable, and the flight of the ball looks a lot better from a year ago.

Offensive Line

The offensive line has been a concern through the season so far, particularly the center. When talking about the O-line, Gundy said they need to develop more of the run game, and they have to continue to improve.