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BUY or SELL? OU Is Ranked Higher Than OSU In Tonight's CFP Rankings

The Sooners picked up a big win against Baylor while the Cowboys struggled on the road against the not-quite-hapless Cyclones. Who is the CFB Playoff committee going to favor?

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Somehow we've gotten to a point where losing in college football is valued more than winning. Okay, not really, but that's the way it feels when teams like Alabama and Notre Dame are placed ahead of undefeated power five schools, like the Cowboys, by the College Football Playoff Committee.

So I ask, Buy or Sell? Oklahoma is ranked higher than the Pokes when the College Football Playoff Rankings are released tonight.

Why to Buy

The Committee has been reluctant thus far to give the Cowboys much credit, and squeaking by Iowa State probably isn't going to help that.

Each week the committee justifies their rankings, but each week it feels more and more like chairman Jeff Long is spewing whatever load of bull excrement that can plausibly excuse them to do what it is they wanted to do in the first place. It's also hard to ignore that the teams getting the benefit of the doubt are the schools with iconic names on their jerseys. You know who else is a power player in college football? Oklahoma; and the Sooners made a statement on Saturday against sixth-ranked Baylor. The kind of statement win by a member of the college football elite the committee loves to drool over.

Why to Sell

Oklahoma State's biggest obstacle in last week's ranking was Baylor. The committee wasn't ready to catapult the Pokes all the way to top dog in the Big 12, but they also didn't want to put Baylor any higher. So, the Pokes are where they are.

With the Bears out of the way though, the committee is now free to award the Cowboys for their mettle, and we could see another big jump in the standing this week. After all, we're about halfway through November, and the Big 12's reciprocal schedule is starting to come back around. How much longer can the committee ignore that the conference leader's strength of schedule is rapidly improving, and the middle tier is picking up wins once again?

BONUS: Will either one make the top four spots? Let us know in the comments!