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T. Boone Pickens Awards James Castleman With 'Quote of the Year'

T. Boone Pickens gave James Castleman recognition for his post game quote from the Cactus Bowl win over Washington. That's right, recognition for a quote, because it was just that good!

And your nominees for the best Quote of the Year Award are.... wait, Quote of the year award? Yep, that's exactly what billionaire oil tycoon, and Oklahoma State benefactor, T. Boone Pickens presented James Castleman with yesterday.

And, I'm dead.

Boone is calling it. It's a wrap. Who cares that it's only February? The quote will not be beaten, so you might as well not even try.

Not sure where in James Castleman's trophy case this will go, but if you get something from Boone Pickens, you better frame it and put it on your wall!

It is a pretty fantastic quote.

Now, you didn't think we weren't going to show the play that brought all this about did you?! Of course we're going to show the play! I could watch this forever. It's just so great in so many different ways.


Washington's #31 wanted no part in trying to stop Castleman, and poor #9... I'll give him credit, he's and ambitious fellow.  Is it football season yet?

Here's a closer look at the award. Incredible.