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So Who Really Runs Texas? Spoiler Alert: It's Oklahoma State

Texas A&M claims that they run Texas because of their recruiting success. Texas claims it because of its history. Baylor claims is because of their 1.5 titles in 2 years. But who really runs Texas? Spoiler alert: it's Oklahoma State.

On Wednesday, our friends cohorts over at Our Daily Bears retweeted this tweet:

So that got us thinking, where does Oklahoma State stand compared to the hottest team in the Big 12 from the past couple of years?  Summing up OSU's wins since 2010, you get:


Point, good guys!

But surely they can claim they run Texas, right? Wellllllllllllll, not exactly.  Everyone is aware that Oklahoma State is using Texas as a major pipeline on the recruiting trail so they might be able to get in the running for who runs Texas.  So the criteria was set in a simple and fair has each team fared against teams from Texas over the last 5 years.  So lets take a look.

School Record Against
Schools in Texas
Win % Record Against
Power 5 Schools in Texas
Win %
Baylor 18-6 0.750 10-5 0.667
TCU 9-7 0.563 5-6 0.455
Texas 11-7 0.611 8-7 0.533
Texas Tech 11-12 0.478 3-12 0.200
Texas A&M 16-1 0.941 5-1 0.833
Oklahoma State 18-5 0.783 15-5 0.750

At first glance it appears that Texas A&M appears to have this one but then you realize that they haven't played a power five school from Texas since 2011.  So does beating up Non-P5 and FCS schools make you the best in Texas? Absolutely not.  Sorry Ags, but give Tech, Baylor, TCU, or Texas (for the love of all that is good and holy, end this eternal contest about who misses each other the least) a call for some non-conference games and you might have a case, but until then, keep beating your chest about recruiting and keep calling yourself an SEC power.

As for the rest of the field, it appears that Oklahoma State uses minimal filler teams (20 games against Texas teams, next highest is BU/UT/TT at 15) and has the highest win percentage against Texas teams.  So it appears Oklahoma State has the State of Texas' number.

Oklahoma State: stealing recruits, conquering your state, one game at a time.

#WRYS (We Run Your State)