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Five thoughts on Oklahoma State’s 2020 football schedule

Early Bedlam, early start and Texas for Thanksgiving.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Oregon State Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The Big 12 released the 2020 football conference schedules Tuesday morning, including Oklahoma State’s.

The schedule features seven home games and five road games. Looking it over, a few interesting things popped out to me.


There are a lot of people who will be upset Bedlam is smack dab in he middle of the season. But I love it.

For a few years now I’ve thought having Bedlam at the end of the year gave Oklahoma the advantage. Both teams are dealing with injuries, but OU is better suited to deal with them based on their talent depth.

Also, OU is always playing their best at the end of the season. It makes it hard to surprise a Sooner team still trying to work out some kinks and figure some things out.

I don’t mean this to whine or say it’s not fair, or anything like that. But I’ll take anything to give OSU a better chance to beat their in-state rivals.

Season finale

In place of Oklahoma at the end of the season, the Cowboys will face the other big name in the conference; Texas. It’s an interesting choice.

Ever since Texas A&M left for the SEC, the Longhorns’ Thanksgiving weekend game has mostly been played against fellow Lone Star state teams. Next year’s game will be only the second time Texas has played that holiday weekend game away from Austin; they traveled to Kansas in 2018.

So to see Texas traveling to Stillwater for a game against OSU is unusual.

Plus, Texas always plays either Thursday or Friday of Thanksgiving weekend. While the game is scheduled for Saturday right now, the Big 12 has noted in their release two games that weekend will be moved to Friday. While OSU is the home team, and isn’t likely to be interested in moving the game off Saturday, there’s a pretty good chance that happens.

If OSU isn’t going to end the season with OU, I like the idea of playing Texas. But if the game gets moved up a day, I might like it less.

Another early start

This is the first time we’ve learned OSU’s season opener against Oregon State will be on Thursday night. This will be the fourth straight season, and fifth time in six years, the Cowboys’ season opener is a day or two early.

I know some people don’t love this, but it’s really smart. For one, it puts the Cowboys against less competition for national TV. And we all know we watch as much football as possible that opening weekend. That’s good for the Cowboys’ brand, especially if they’re playing a Power-5 opponent (Oregon State or not).

Also, it (usually) keeps the Cowboys from having to play a conference game on a Thursday or Friday night, something they haven’t done since the Texas Tech game in 2014. I’d rather face Oregon State on a Thursday or Friday than a Big 12 foe.

Now, as we discussed above, that could change if the Cowboys game against Texas is moved up to Friday. My guess is that’s why the two Friday games haven’t been announced yet; the Cowboys are fighting to keep their game on Saturday.

No rest for the weary

The 2020 schedule offers only one bye week. That’s fine because it’s that’s what teams get most years. Unfortunately for OSU the open date comes in Week 4 after non-conference play, meaning the Cowboys will go through a nine-game Big 12 schedule without a week off.

Don’t love that.

Especially when three of your first four conference games are on the road (at TCU, Iowa State Cyclones, at Kansas and at Oklahoma).

Different coaches have different views on bye weeks. To me, they’re beneficial for getting healthy, taking a breather, and have some real time to work on issues. I’m fine with one, but I’d rather see it six or seven games into the season.

Halloween Homecoming

OSU against Texas Tech on Halloween. There’s no way that game doesn’t get weird.

I’ll go ahead and predict orange-black-black for the uniform combination now. Yes, that includes an orange throwback helmet.

It’s also a late homecoming game at the end of October. I don’t have a preference as far as early or late. Let’s just hope the weather holds up.