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2019 SB Nation FanPulse Week 8 poll: Oklahoma State unranked; Alabama stays at No. 1

Oklahoma, Texas and Baylor remain in the top 25.

Oklahoma State, as expected, is unranked in the SB Nation FanPulse top 25 poll once again after a 45-27 loss to Baylor off a bye week.

Alabama holds down the top spot, followed by LSU, Ohio State, Clemson and Oklahoma for the top five. Texas and Baylor are ranked Nos. 15 and 17, respectively, as the only other Big 12 schools in the top 25. And while the collective majority across the SB Nation network views the Longhorns better than the Bears the seven Big 12 sites with polling data all disagree.

The Baylor, Iowa State, OU and TCU communities also ranked the Cyclones. The Kansas State, Texas and Texas Tech sites did not.

Also receiving votes: Virginia Tech, Memphis, Iowa, Louisiana Tech

Individual team site data

Here’s a look at where some Big 12 sites across the SBN network voted Big 12 teams:

Our Daily Bears, Baylor: Oklahoma (5), Baylor (11), Texas (19), Iowa State (25)

Wide Right Natty Lite, Iowa State: Oklahoma (5), Baylor (15), Texas (17), Iowa State (22)

Bring on the Cats, Kansas State: Oklahoma (4), Baylor (11), Texas (19)

Crimson and Cream Machine, Oklahoma: Oklahoma (4), Baylor (13), Texas (18), Iowa State (25)

Burnt Orange Nation, Texas: Oklahoma (5), Baylor (14), Texas (15)

Frogs O’ War, TCU: Oklahoma (3), Baylor (14), Texas (18), Iowa State (25)

Viva The Matadors, Texas Tech: Oklahoma (5), Texas (15), Baylor (16)

OSU fan confidence

Week 1: 93.8 percent

Week 2: 100 percent

Week 3: 93.3 percent

Week 4: 90.9 percent

Week 5: 88.9 percent

Week 6: 37.5 percent

Week 7: 42.9 percent

Week 8: 33.3 percent

To have your voice be heard in the SB Nation FanPulse poll throughout the season, sign up here and learn more about it. More OSU fan sign ups will result in Cowboys Ride For Free having its own polling data to see how Cowboy fans rank other teams across the nation.