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2019 Bowl Predictions: Oklahoma State slated for Texas or Camping World

It looks like the Cowboys will head to Houston or Orlando.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

No. 21 Oklahoma State’s regular season is over and all that’s left now is to wait until after Championship Saturday to learn their bowl destination.

The Big 12 Championship game will play a role in where OSU could go bowling. How many Big 12 teams are participating in New Year’s Six bowls has a big effect.

If both Baylor and Oklahoma, the two teams playing the Big 12 Championship game, are in the NY6 bowls, then the Alamo Bowl is opened up. If not, it’s likely the Big 12 title game loser in San Antonio and everyone else’s position is altered.

OSU (8-4, 5-4 Big 12) is in a four-way tie for third place in the Big 12 with Kansas State, Iowa State and Texas. Tie-breakers be damned, in a situation like this, the bowls are going to take who they want.

All that said, where experts think OSU will play:

CBS: Texas Bowl vs. Texas A&M (Dec. 27)
Sporting News: Texas Bowl vs. Mississippi State (Dec. 27)
College Football News: Camping World Bowl vs. Notre Dame (Dec. 27)
Bleacher Report: Camping World Bowl vs. Notre Dame (Dec. 28)
ESPN: Camping World Bowl vs. Notre Dame (Dec. 28)
247: Camping World Bowl vs. Notre Dame (Dec. 28)
Banner Society: Alamo Bowl vs. Oregon (Dec. 31)

It’s felt for some time that OSU’s destination would come down to the Camping World or Texas Bowl. I believe OSU will play in the latter.

I think the Big 12 championship loser goes to the Alamo because the winner won’t make the College Football Playoff.

I think Texas goes to the Camping World Bowl because the opportunity to match-up the Longhorns with Notre Dame is just too good to pass up. Not to mention Camping World reps can’t seem to stop talking about Texas on Twitter.

OSU beat Missouri in the Liberty Bowl last year, so the won’t make a return trip.

If you’re a bowl game in Houston, would you rather have OSU, K-State or ISU? No shot at the other two, but OSU makes too much sense.