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Final Bowl Projections: Oklahoma State is likely headed to Texas

It’s the Alamo or Texas according to the final projections

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Oklahoma v Oklahoma State Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Oklahoma State will learn their bowl destination for the 2019 season later today. Until then, there’s plenty of time to wonder and debate where the best landing spot would be.

I ran a poll on Twitter on Saturday to find out where Cowboy fans would most like to go:

I regret to inform the majority who picked the Camping World Bowl against Notre Dame; that seems unlikely.

Let’s look at the the last projections and then discuss:

CBS: Texas Bowl vs. Mississippi State (Dec. 27)
Sporting News: Camping World Bowl vs. Notre Dame (Dec. 28)
College Football News: Alamo Bowl vs. Utah (Dec. 31)
Stadium: Texas Bowl vs. Texas A&M (Dec. 27)
ESPN: Texas Bowl vs. Texas A&M (Dec. 27), Alamo Bowl vs. Utah (Dec. 31)
247: Texas Bowl vs. Mississippi State (Dec. 27)
Banner Society: Alamo Bowl vs. Utah (Dec. 31)
USA Today: Alamo Bowl vs Utah (Dec. 31)

No offense to Sporting News (who I have included despite constantly disagreeing with Bill Bender’s projections), but the Cowboys ain’t going Camping. That bowl game wants to pit Texas against Notre Dame. So to everyone else who has Iowa State or Kansas State in that game... nah.

That leaves the Alamo Bowl against Utah or the Texas Bowl against either A&M or Mississippi State. Personally, I would prefer facing the Cowboys’ former Big 12 foe the Aggies down in Houston, but I’ll take Mississippi State.

I want no part in Utah. If you came away from their performance in the Pac-12 Championship game thinking “Oklahoma State could take these Utes,” then you must be new to college football. Utah climbed their way to No. 5 (and deservedly so) in the College Football Rankings by dominating 7-5 teams. OSU may be 8-4, but at this point, with no Tylan Wallace or Spencer Sanders (and potentially no Chuba if he chooses to sit out), the Cowboys aren’t any better than the likes of Cal or Arizona State.

Obviously, we’ll know for sure later today. But until then, plenty of time to hope and pray for the match-up you want most!