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Five questions for Oklahoma State’s Spring Game

What do we hope to learn from this Saturday’s Spring finale?

Oklahoma State v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

This Saturday will be fans’ first look at the 2019 Cowboys in anything that has resemblance to a football game. With a new starting quarterback, offensive coordinator, and offensive line coach, combined with a young defense entering year 2 in defensive coordinator Jim Knowles system, there are a lot of questions leading up to this season.

While you should never over analyze a spring game, there are a few things we hope to come away with after the spring finale

Will Gundy name a starting quarterback?

Mike Gundy has had a lot of opportunity to see both Spencer Sanders and Dru Brown in action at practice. However, this will be his first time seeing them play in a game-like situation. With Dru Brown, he has seen what Brown did at Hawaii but nothing with him with the Oklahoma State offense (other than one hand-off in the Liberty Bowl of course). Will Saturday’s game give Gundy enough to work with to announce a starter shortly after, or will he wait until later in the off-season to make his choice?

What does Sean Gleeson show us?

This will be our first glimpse of Sean Gleeson as offensive coordinator. Does he show us what he’s got and run some trick plays? Or does he keep it relatively simple and save that for an actual game? What will the quarterback plays look like under Gleeson? How will the offense look compared to when Yurchich was here?

How have the young guys on defense developed?

We had guys like Jarrick Bernard and Kolby Peel show us some good plays last year. I’m curious to see how these guys have developed since then. I want to see what they’ve learned and how they have improved. Isreal Antwine will get his first plays in orange and black and I’m curious to see what that year at Colorado did for him. He will likely be a key part of the defense as he gives some need depth at defensive tackle with transfers and players moving on to the NFL.. It’ll be important that he’s ready to play. This defense is going to look quite a bit different than it did last year and a big question is who will step up and fill in the shoes of guys like Jordan Brailford and Darrion Daniels.

Wide receiver depth

Like in years past, Oklahoma State has a lot of talent at wide receiver. I’m curious to see if anyone in particular stands out among a talented position group. We’ll get a look at some of the younger guys such at redshirt-freshman C.J. Moore, who was a stand out recruit. I’m curious to see where he lands among the other guys and if he’ll ball out and earn himself a starting spot? Or will someone who we’re not talking about right now make their presence known? Dillon Stoner and Tylan Wallace will be big time returners from last season. Will Wallace look even better with a different quarterback. Will Gleeson utilize having a lot of depth there in his play calls? Do we get a lot of shuffling around to see what guys look like in different spots? This should give us a better look at where every is right now and a better picture of the what the wide receiver depth chart will look like come the fall and where everyone will be placed.

How does the offensive line look under new coach Charlie Dickey?

On top of the new QB and new OC for next year, we’ll have someone new leading the O-line. While Charlie Dickey has had a short time to work with the O-line I’m curious what he’s been able to do with them? Offensive line has not been one of Oklahoma State strong points in the past few years. Dickey had some fantastic lines at Kansas State. What progress has he been able to make in the short time he’s been at Oklahoma State, and who are going to be the starting five?

While we might not get answers to all of these questions tomorrow, hopefully things will look at least more clear.