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Countdown to Kick-Off: Four helmet options Oklahoma State should use for Homecoming

We’ve got throwbacks from the 1960s and the Weeden era.

Texas v Oklahoma State Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

While several schools have started to utilize “throwback” helmets for games, no team does it like Oklahoma State. Every homecoming since 2014 in fact, has featured a throwback to a previous era, culminating in a true Barry Sanders uniform homage last season (that should just become the every week uniform).

So what will they do this year to top the years past?

Well, did you know OSU has worn a total of 43 different helmets? That’s... a lot.

That’s according the The Helmet Project, a little something put on by They have cataloged every helmet every FBS team has ever worn. It’s pretty damn amazing.

So let’s take a walk down memory lane to figure out what the Cowboys should do for their “throwback” helmet this year.

2015 Homecoming

Kansas v Oklahoma State Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images

The 2015 Homecoming helmet, with it’s angled black O-S-U on a white helmet with an orange trimmed block stripe, is a throwback to the helmet OSU wore from 1969-1972. And while this was done just a few years ago, it’s worth revisiting.

The idea has occurred to me there’s a reason these helmets might not be used again. Homecoming 2015 will live in infamy for the tragedy that struck less than a mile from Boone Pickens Stadium.

But man were those helmets sweet (you can even watch how they were made) and would be fantastic to see again. Maybe we should wait until the 10-year anniversary in 2025.

Walt Garrrison Throwback

Of the Homecoming throwback helmets since 2014 only one was black. It’s time to do it again.

The helmet the Cowboys wore from 1961-66 was black with an orange stripe and white numbers. It’s the helmet Cowboy legend Walt Garrison (pictured) wore during his time in Stillwater.

OSU loves tri-color uniform combos. Can you image lining up in that exact uniform combo, black-orange-white, this year against Baylor for Homecoming? Yes please.

Inverted Colors OSU

No, I don’t want a USO helmet (please stop yelling that students), I want black letters with orange trim on a white helmet. There are three versions of this look.

The first was worn from 1993-94 and featured the classic curved OSU logo.

Omaha-World Herald

The second was worn from 2009-2011 seasons and will be called the Brandon Weeden throwback because it was worn during his two seasons and debuted the night he rescued OSU from a 21-10 third quarter deficit against Colorado.

Oklahoma State v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

It was brought back again from 2013-2015 with an orange-bordered black stripe.

AT&T Cotton Bowl - Oklahoma State v Missouri Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Yes, OSU did a Barry Sanders throwback last year, but that is an orange “OSU” with a thin-black border. This is a black “OSU” with an orange border. Inverted. The 90s version is straight up fire, especially with black jersey and pants. That said, the Weeden version might be one of the most under appreciated OSU helmets ever.

Actually, with the angled hard-edge OSU logo now becoming the “official” “OSU” logo of the University this summer, now would be a great time to bring the Weeden version back to BPS.

Throwback Pistol Pete

Ok so this is a throwback in a different sense, because it was never on a helmet before. Remember the Patriot Pete helmet the team wore twice in 2017? I was a big fan of it then and still am today.

Missouri State v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

So stick with this — though with a black facemask instead of orange — but slap on a throwback Pistol Pete

1946 Pistol Pete

Keep the Pete exactly the same as the O.G. version, complete with “OKLA” and “AGGIES” on the brim of his hat.

Yeah, the awesomeness of the details isn’t going to show up all that great on television are from the nosebleed seats, but I don’t care. One nice close-up image would do it.

Speaking of O.G. Pete, can we get some of those fur chaps for him during cold weather games?

Let us know your thoughts! What helmet would you like to see at America’s greatest Homecoming this year? Sound off in the comments.