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Oklahoma State football: 6 teams to fill Cowboys’ open Power-5 slots

We’ve got teams from the SEC, Big Ten, and ACC

NCAA Football: Outback Bowl-Minnesota vs Auburn Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

It seems if you want to schedule a non-conference football game against another Power-5 team (or any team really anymore) it has to be done at least a decade out.

Well it just so happens Oklahoma State has a few empty Power-5 opponent holes in its future schedules that are less than a decade away.

OSU seems to have locked its scheduling philosophy into place; one Power-5, one Group of 5 and one FCS opponent each season.

So with that in mind, and looking at the way the schedule is set up through 2035, OSU needs a Power-5 opponent for 2028-31.

So as I am a sport schedule junkie (I really don’t know why, it’s all just so fun and fascinating), I took the liberty of helping OSU figure out who, when and where to fill those open spots with!

Now, before we get into the schools I would like to see, everyone one of these has open dates on the calendar when OSU does, and scheduling another Power-5 team like the Cowboys, fits into their scheduling philosophy, too. I’m not putting Alabama, because OSU would never agree to that. And I’m not putting OSU onto an opponents’ schedule that already includes a Power-5 game or two.

So without further adieu, here we go.


Open Years: 2029, 2030, 2031

Auburn is like a more successful OSU. If OSU had Auburn’s money and recruiting, I think they could be on similar footing.

Plus both schools have a similar problem; the other school in their state is on a completely different level. OSU has Oklahoma. Auburn has Alabama.

If nothing else, we can both come together over some beers and tailgating cuisine how much we loathe Alabama and Oklahoma.

Now, I don’t ever want to be Auburn. Those people are crazy and want a coach fired every time they go 9-3, but I wouldn’t mind playing them a couple of times.

Ole Miss

Open Years: 2028, 2029

I hate Ole Miss. Hate them.

They’re fun and kooky. They’re only relevant when they cheat. They have Lane Kiffin. There’s no real legitimate reason for me to hate the Rebels (other than, you know, the state of Mississippi and a whole lot of racism).

But OSU is 0-3 against them, and I have watched every loss: 2004 Cotton Bowl, the final game with Josh Fields and Rashaun Woods, 2010 Cotton Bowl, the Zac Robinson “Weekend at Bernie’s” game and 2016 Sugar Bowl blowout.

Put them on the schedule so we can start to even the score. Also, tailgating The Grove would be awesome.


Open Years: 2028, 2029, 2030, 2031

The similarities between Mike Gundy and Jim Harbaugh are endless.

Wild coaches known for crazy personalities at schools that can’t get over the hump against their biggest rival; Ohio State for Michigan and OU for OSU.

Khakis vs. Mullet.

Hell, Gundy can finally beat the guy who gets all the credit for those satellite camps that drove Nick Saban crazy (OSU and Gundy were doing them years before they became news).

Of course, this also means a nationally recognized blue blood (questionable) program coming to Stillwater for a game at Boone Pickens Stadium. I don’t care if Michigan is the Texas of the Big Ten (that’s being generous to Texas, but the comp is solid), that’s a game we would ALL show up for.

Plus, the final cherry on top; OSU and Gundy missed Harbaugh by one year when they faced Stanford in the 2012 Fiesta Bowl. Time to rectify that.


Open Years: 2030, 2031

Now there is a caveat to this one; if P.J. Fleck is gone, no deal. Write it into the contract.

But if he’s still the head coach, then row that damn boat right to BPS!

If you think Minnesota was a one year, one trick pony last season after going 11-2, that’s fine. This is America. You are welcome to your opinion. It’s wrong, but you’re still welcome to it.

Minnesota is the fun, trendy new team. Why wouldn’t that be fun to add to the schedule.

Again, with Fleck, yes. Without, no thanks.


Open Years: 2029, 2030

Miami will never be the Miami of the 1990s or even early 2000s. They just won’t. It’s not going to happen.

But come on. How much fun would it be to play Miami? Both in Stillwater and in Miami?

Forget the fact the name Miami still carries a lot of weight, there’s the fact that they could be good again by the time these games roll around. You know both games will be in decent TV time-slots. Plus, that’s an away game I think we would all enjoy.

Notre Dame

Open Years: 2028, 2029, 2030, 2031

For awhile now, I’ve been hoping a series like this would happen.

Is Notre Dame a more talented team than OSU on a yearly basis? Yes. Could OSU pull off an upset at home over the Fighting Irish? Oh, hell yes.

This series would be fun. Fans would love it. You’d sell BPS out. And I don’t just mean sell all of the tickets, every seat would be filled. Plus, it would be really cool to see OSU orange playing football under Touchdown Jesus.

If I could only get one of the teams I’ve listed here on the schedule, this would be it.

Make it happen.