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Oklahoma State athletics COVID-19 update: 5 active cases among all sports

The football team has two active cases, while the other three are from non fall sports.

Baylor v Oklahoma State Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The Oklahoma State athletics department reported two more active COVID-19 cases this week, increasing its total to five among athletes from all sports.

The department released its latest coronavirus update Monday with testing data through Aug. 27, noting two of the five active cases are on the football team. Cross-country and women’s soccer have zero active cases and the other three active cases are from “all other sports.”

There was no increase in the two active cases from football but there have been two more active cases from “all other sports” since OSU’s last update Aug. 24, which included information to Aug. 20.

OSU also stated there have been 82 positive tests since June 1, when the department started testing athletes. The release did not state how many tests have been conducted.