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CRFF Glossary of Terms, Memes, Inside Jokes, and Other Stupidity

This will be a continually updated page that guides a new or non-regular reader through most of the references on the site. Feel free to suggest additions in the comments... here we go:

Dana Holgorsen/Phil Collins
This one is pretty straightforward, Dana Holgorsen looks like Phil Collins. It first started in a post by Cincy immediately after the hiring of Holgo.... of course, that post seems to have been lost in the switchover from Wordpress to SB Nation. But lucky for you, the interview that cemented the Holog/Phil meme still lives in all its glory.

Dana Holgorsen loves "snacks"
I am still not sure if we are clear to discuss this, but here goes. There was a rumor (well, not really a rumor since it was told to CRFF by a direct source... let's call it a very believable story from a very reliable source) early in the 2010 season that Holgo was unsatisfied with the willingness of the girl he was dating to... ummm.... consummate things. Holgo's response to the denial was, "Well can I at least get a snack?" (please add an allegedly in front of every word of that paragraph.)

Todd Monken/Joey Gladstone
In the wake of the meme generator himself, Dana, leaving the program, CRFF proclaimed its need for his hilarity to be replaced by newly appointed OC Todd Monken. We posted a call for help from the readers, and "Something Witty" stepped up big time. The Joey Gladstone/Dave Coulier comparison was dead on, and has since been a staple of the site.

MDMBW = "Million Dollar Man Brandon Weeden"
Before the 2010 season we were previewing all the positions and when it was time for the QB's for some reason a tangent arose of how much money Brandon Weeden is worth. Flaky math and logic was applied and the conclusion was that MDMBW had made over a million dollars during his baseball career. Also, this glorious photoshop was created,

In a podcast, it was determined that saying Justin Blackmon's name aloud can make you a little uncomfortable if you overthink it. Out of this, for some reason it was determined that Josh Cooper's nickname should be Whitemon.

Hott V
Our original name for what is now widely called the "diamond" formation by other, much worse, media outlets. We even had a poll and everything. I am still stunned that "Sexbone" didn't win that vote.... so sensible.

Coined my Mr. Smirnoff in a post about the idiocy of the contractor that wore an OU shirt to Gundy's house. The term represents exactly what it sounds like, furry sex a combo of "ridiculous" and "stupid".

"Pete Was Here" Panties
A CRFF apparel item that was created in a drunken stupor in an attempt to be drunkenly funny that inexplicably ended up being a decent selling item in the CRFFF apparel store.