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Mark Munoz to Fight Luke Barnatt at UFC Manila

Former Oklahoma State Cowboy wrestler Mark Munoz will look to right the ship against Luke Barnatt at UFC Manila

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

After his loss to Roan Carneiro at UFC 184, many were left wondering what's next for former Cowboy wrestler Mark Munoz. The loss was his third consecutive, all of which came in the first round. With this rough patch many thought Munoz might retire or be cut from the UFC roster. Luckily neither of these results came to fruition as "The Filipino Wrecking Machine" was added to the first UFC event in the Philippines. Munoz will fight Britain's Luke Barnatt on May 16th.

Barnatt has a professional record of 8-2 and was scheduled to fight Clint Hester on April 4th. However, when Hester had to withdraw from the fight because of injury, Barnatt and Munoz were added to the Manila fight card. Munoz is sure to be a crowd favorite during the fight, as his parents are from the Philippines.

Munoz is in desperate need of a win and this isn't unknown to his opponent. Barnatt told the UK's MailOnline, "I know Mark. He's pound for pound the nicest guy in the world. But this will probably be Mark's last fight in the UFC. He's wanted to fight in the Philippines for so long so it's great that he's able to do that, but I think this will be the last fight for him. It's a fantastic opportunity that the UFC has given me, to allow me to be the one to retire Mark Munoz."

Will this be the last fight for Munoz in the UFC? Only time will tell. A loss would likely lead to being cut from the UFC roster. With a win Mark Munoz could choose to retire on a high note, or continue his fighting career. Either way it will be a blast to watch a former Cowboy great, for potentially the last time.