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Where Are They Now: Adarius Bowman

A player with a troubled past, Adarius Bowman has found his niche. That niche just happens to be in "our home and native land."

Bowman is entering his fifth season with the Edmonton Eskimos of the CFL.
Bowman is entering his fifth season with the Edmonton Eskimos of the CFL.

The Refresher Course:

Most Cowboy fans remember Adarius Bowman's two-year career at Oklahoma State. He was one of Mike Gundy's first stars. He was a big play threat and a guy that clearly had the makings to jump to the next level. It didn't take long for Bowman to be noticed by the national pundits for his talent.

(skip to 2:23 to see Bowman. Or watch all of it for sweet, sweet nostalgia)

A lot of happened though before the Big 12 Newcomer of the Year Award in 2006 and the All-Big 12 First Team honors. As some will remember, Bowman did not start out his career as a Cowboy. Ironically enough, he started at North Carolina and would later join the then Cowboy offensive coordinator Larry Fedora...who would later become the head coach for the Tar Heels as he is today. Football's funny like that.

Bowman was a Top 100 prospect in the country coming out of Notre Dame High School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Bowman was rated higher than such household names as Brady Quinn, Joe Thomas, Maurice Jones-Drew and Dwayne Bowe.

The ceiling for Bowman could not be seen early on. So much potential present. The first speed bump though happened in the middle of the 2004 season, his sophomore year. Bowman along with two other Tar Heels were dismissed from the team. Bowman was now in limbo. No team. No way to continue to build his talent and his brand. A talent that had the makings of an NFL career one day.

Bowman's next chapter started in Stillwater. A new head coach in Mike Gundy, and a fresh start for Bowman after his departure from Chapel Hill. After all the accolades and praise for his short career as a Cowboy, similar speed bumps came back in Bowman's journey. Not an optimal situation leading into the NFL Combine and Draft.

Bowman, once seen as a high-round selection in the 2008 NFL Draft, was now undrafted and after garnering a small amount of attention from a few teams, Bowman was now also unsigned as a free agent. The dream was strained.

Catching You Up:

For the average Cowboy fan, this is where you lost track of Bowman and his career. What you don't know, is that once again, Bowman used a clean slate and made the most of the opportunity. After being undrafted and unsigned, Bowman joined the Saskatchewan Rough Riders of the CFL. Bowman in his rookie season, hauled in 23 receptions for 358 yards and three touchdowns. A solid start to what is now a veteran career in Canada. The majority of Bowman's time has been spent in Edmonton. Bowman spent a short stint in Winnipeg but was brought into the Eskimos organization in 2011.

Bowman is the Eskimo record holder for most receptions in a single season. Bowman snagged 112 passes in 2014. Which is one largest numbers in the history of the CFL as well. If Bowman maintains his track, he will be a legend in the Eskimo organization for years to come.

Pretty amazing for a guy that has had to start over so many times.

Good ride Cowboy. Good ride.