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2020 commit Quinton Stewart talks OSU, goals for his senior season, and more

I had an over the phone interview with the newest Cowboy. Get to know him a little better below.

One of the newest additions to the Oklahoma State football class of 2020 is Salina, Kansas, tight end Quinton Stewart. He was gracious enough to grant us some of his time to get to know him better. We talked about how new offensive coordinator Sean Gleeson plans to use him, what he hopes to accomplish for his senior year, and more.

Matt (MH): Thank you for taking the time to talk to us a little bit today.

Quinton Stewart (QS): Yeah of course man, any time.

MH: Alright so, outside of the three schools that offered you, OSU, Kansas and Iowa State, who else did you hear from.

QS: I talked to Indiana, Colorado, Minnesota, K-State and Nebraska.

MH: Looking at Kansas State, did you think about Bill Snyder and the effect he had on that program and the state as a whole and did that ever play a role in how you saw them with your recruitment, even though he isn’t there anymore?

QS: I wouldn’t say that really had any effect on me, I was just looking at where I felt most comfortable at.

MH: Where did you take visits at other than OSU?

QS: I’ve been to KU, Nebraska and K-State as well.

MH: And what set OSU apart from those other schools in terms of your visits?

QS: Mostly it was, I built a really good relationship with [coach McEndoo] and I think Stillwater is a really cool town and it seems like it would be a great place to play.

MH: Oklahoma State obviously has a new offensive coordinator in Sean Gleeson, has he talked to you at all about how he plans to use the tight end or “Cowboy Back” position in his new offense?

QS: Yeah we have, he kind of conveyed that its similar to how my high school uses me; its pretty multifaceted. I think it really fits me pretty well.

MH: That’s awesome, having that same familiarity from high school and bringing it to college should help as well.

QS: Right, right.

MH: So why did you feel like this was the right time to commit?

QS: I was down in Stillwater about two weeks ago, that’s when I talked to Gleeson and talked to McEndoo. I kind of knew earlier this week that I was going to do it and I guess just yesterday was the day I decided to text coach Mac about it.

MH: That’s awesome, have you reached out to any of your future teammates in the class of 2020 that are committed to OSU?

QS: Yeah, we actually have a group chat so I’ve talked to everyone.

MH: So was that a group chat that you were added to when you decided to commit or something that you were in before?

QS: It was after I committed, they reached out to me, it’s been pretty cool.

MH: Is there anyone that you would potentially want to play with that you would look to recruit to OSU?

QS: Not necessarily, I think the [guys] that have already committed, it’s a great class and they all seem really cool and I’m excited to be up there with them.

MH: So when did you realize in your high school career that you could potentially do this at the college level?

QS: Playing football at the next level has always been a goal of mine. I just kind of tried to focus on doing the best I could in high school and just have fun playing and it just kind of worked out itself.

MH: Yeah of course, and as far as high school goes and you try and go out there and have fun in every game, is there a most impressive play that you think you’ve had or a game or a memory or moment that you’ll think back to most when you think about your high school career?

QS: My freshman and sophomore year, our team didn’t win any games, this year we went 7-3. So I’d probably say our season opener, our first win in two years, that was pretty great for me and kicked off a great season.

MH: That’s awesome and that’s a great story too. So going from a program that goes 0-20 in two years and then 7-3, what is one thing that you hope to accomplish for your senior year?

QS: Well state is the goal for us, so I would say that.

MH: What non-football aspect of college are you looking forward to most?

QS: I don’t know, I guess I’ve only really thought about the football aspect.

MH: So what did you like most about your visit to Oklahoma State, or maybe one or two things where you thought ‘yeah this is where I need to be’?

QS: When I went up to their spring game and just saw that there were probably 20,000 people at the spring game and the fan support there and seeing Stillwater, I knew that’s where I wanted to be.

MH: That’s awesome, Stillwater is definitely a fun place to be. That’s just about all the questions I have, thank you for taking the time to answer these.

QS: Yeah of course man, thanks for calling.