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Sometimes the internet is not to be taken seriously.

Your Big 12 school as your favorite drink

RIP Nebraska: If Grain Alcohol Was a Cult

Big 12 Football Teams as Characters from “The Office”

Who is your favorite teams’ representative from the hit NBC show?

Ranking the 2017 Football Schedule by Fierceness of Mascots

A very serious article...

More Potential Coaching Replacements for Oklahoma State

We continue our search to replace Bad Brad.

We Found Texas’ Depth Chart For This Week’s Game

This is absolutely NOT a fake depth chart (wink wink, nudge nudge)

What constitutes a mullet?

You guys weighed in, and the results are interesting.

Bedlam Roundtable: Who Has the Pokes?

The staff gives our Bedlam predictions and choices for Gundy's replacement with a little satire mixed in.

Twas the Night before an Oklahoma State Christmas

It's the age old story with an orange and black twist.

Getting Tyreek the Ball. In Space and on Earth.

An illustrated guide of the obstacles preventing Tyreek Hill from "Getting the ball in space". It is, in fact, rocket science.

Every Game Matters: Forget Not, Taco Tech

As a fan, your approach to "the next game" matters. Don't overlook Taco Tech this Thursday, or you may be calling in sick on Friday. Suit up, it's "Go-Time!"

Five Reasons Why Tulsa Should Replace Texas Tech

Since firing The Pirate, Texas Tech has regressed to the point a conference swap with another perennial powder-puff should be considered. The upside is bigger than you might expect.

The Dirty Game: Where Are They Now?

It's been one year since Sports Illustrated published a series of defamatory articles meant expose the Oklahoma State football program. Here is a satirical look at what everyone involved is doing today.

Interviewing Kliff Kingsbury

I had a chance to sit down and interview the Red Raider head coach this week. When I say interview, I mean the way Thayer Evans and Sports Illustrated do it. It got a little weird, and a little awkward, but I got it all on tape.