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Women's basketball gets new uniforms

New Nike uniforms for the Cowgirls for the 2015-16 season

New Oklahoma State Women's jerseys
Courtsey of OSU Athletics twitter

In the ever changing landscape of college athletics, the Oklahoma State Cowgirls have been at the top of the many uniform combinations. Now, the women's program is getting aboard the changes.

For the 2015-16 season, the women will don these sweet new uniforms from Nike.

Courtsey of OSU Athletics

The first real obvious thing we notice on the front of the jerseys is the collar. Last season, there was just a small ring of orange around the neck, this season, we're seeing it on the shoulders, leading into the back.

2014-15 OSU WBB

(Last season)

Then come the shorts. They're nice. You see the black border with the orange points on the bottom sides. The nice perforation along the sides will allow for better ventilation and hopefully allow the women better comfort when heating up on the court.

OSU WBB shorts

On the backside of the jersey is where Nike was allowed to show some real creativity. You see Pistol Pete at the bottom of the back, just faded behind the slanted number. They kept the Oklahoma State fonts and numbers, but the addition of Pistol Pete really gave the jerseys some creativity and uniqueness. You can also see Edmond low just above the massive Pistol Pete head.

OSU WBB back jersey

If you compare the jersey to past season's jerseys, you can see the simplistic of them and how they've been given a modern finish.

last season jerseys OSU WBB

With a program that is looking to attract more and more top quality players throughout the country, following the footsteps of the football program isn't a bad start. Oklahoma State's success, mirrored with their options with jerseys and helmets isn't a coincidence. The same is said for Oregon's rise to success in football.

Oklahoma State will first wear these jerseys Nov. 11 against Lamar Cardinals at Gallagher-Iba Arena.