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Big 12 Fate Rests in the Hands of the Skull and Bones Society

When Oklahoma University president David Boren was an undergraduate at Yale, he was your average, typical, all-American son of a congressman on the campus at New Haven. Boren lived in a dorm, studied for tests, took dates to sock-hops, and also while at Yale, DAVID BOREN WORSHIPED SATAN TO INFILTRATE THE RANKS OF THE U.S. POWER ELITE.

You see, David Boren is a noted Skull and Bones member. It's all right here in Wikipedia, which of course means it is undeniably true.

The Skull and Bones Society is a "secret society" at Yale University with members counting among the creme de la creme of Washington bureaucrats. Whilst at Yale, Skull and Boners meet underground to drink chalices of former member's blood and give each other cute nicknames like "Baal" and "Magog". They believe this gives them superpowers to make good decisions on behalf of a country that they will inevitably inherit not only because they are Skull and Boners, but because they are rich and their daddies are very rich.


The Big 12 is now officially out of the hands of the people, and into the slimy domineering hands of the Illuminati. The OU board of regents has made David Boren the de facto plenipotentiary of the rapidly-dying Big 12 by giving him authority to make the decision to stay in or leave for the Pacific Athletic Conference. If Boren decides to head west, OU will be the last domino in a chain that will topple the Big 12. As College Football is too important and valuable to leave to the unwashed masses who, by purchasing tickets, are largely paying for this dog and pony show anyway, the move was made ((conspiracy) theoretically) by government interests to place the decision in the capable fatcat hands of Boner David Boren who will work as "Boner-mouthpiece".

The power elite have smelt money and power in college football for years and this "conference realignment" taking place that we will be talking about 25 years from now is the manifestation of "greedhead" lust. David Boren will not necessarily make a decision that benefits fans of the college game, but will make a decision that lines the pockets of his Skull and Boner friends.