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COWBOY FOOTBALL: Oklahoma State 58, Central Michigan 44

I know what I said...shut up. I wasn’t all that wrong.

NCAA Football: Central Michigan at Oklahoma State Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

Ok fine...the PTSD from past events was too much for me.

I was wrong, but not by a whole lot.

Oklahoma State started slow, but a Tom Hutton - Brennan Pressley gem gave the defense the opportunity it needed to flex a little muscle. One safety and a quarter later OSU was well on its way to a comfortable blowout and I suppose some exorcizing of the demon of the untimed down.

Spencer Sanders (Ian Nikkel’s favorite player) had himself a game, torching a not-so-great Central Michigan defense for a number of touchdowns in the first half.

The most surprising event of the first half was the Cowboys’ final possession.

With 43 seconds remaining, the ENTIRE OSU football community left for the halftime break. They would return to discover that the Cowboys took just three plays and no timeouts to put seven more points on the board.

Oklahoma State would take just two plays to score to start the second half and we were all eagerly awaiting the appearance of one Gunnar Gundy with OSU leading 51-15.

Not so fast...the Chips went right down and scored, then the Cowboys’ offense went stagnant.

At this point, the game kind of became unwatchable, probably as Gundy desired. Oklahoma State wasn’t far enough ahead for HCMG to be comfortable trotting out the backup QB, but at the same time was perfectly OK letting the defense stall out the game. This resulted in exactly what we can’t stand, with the Chippewas slowly working their way back into the game.

SS would account for six TDs on the night, four passing and two rushing. He finished 28-41-0 FOR 406 yards passing and would also lead the team in rushing along with the longest run from scrimmage, although this was an anemic effort for that part of the offense for most of the night until Dominic Richardson got a few chunk plays on OSU’s last TD drive. Sure, Central Michigan stacked the box, but the offensive line looks a little suspect and the running backs don’t look explosive at this point.

Brayden Johnson had a career night with 166 yards receiving and a score.

I know it’s great that Oklahoma State got the win, but this game was perfectly set up for a full fourth quarter of backups and some rest while protecting the starters (primarily Spencer Sanders) at 51-15. Alas, Gundy and crew managed their way into a way tighter than desired situation in the last five minutes with Central Michigan actually trying an onside kick down 14 at 58-44. They would get the ball back but go four and out with the Cowboys then running out the clock.

The Chippewas’ Daniel Richardson quietly had quite a night, finishing 36-49-1 for 424 yards and 4 TDs. OSU’s secondary and LBs were not the greatest in coverage but the front seven were fairly solid in the run game against the #1 rusher in Division I last season, Lew Nichols III. Tackling was an issue however, with the Cowboys struggling to wrap up in space on a number of occasions.

Central Michigan’s offense would end up outperforming OSU on the night, with Oklahoma State starters forced to reenter the game late.

Always good to get the opening win, but OSU needs to clean up quite a bit of stuff against a Power 5 opponent next week.