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Bill Young Out, Joseph Randle Out, Glenn Spencer In?

Bill Young will step down after four seasons as Oklahoma State's defensive coordinator and be replaced by linebackers coach Glenn Spencer. Joseph Randle will pursue his dream of playing in the NFL.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not sure what to make of this. I'm not fan of the soft zone BS but I'm also not a big fan of giving it to a guy that has just coached linebackers. I've always said that I trust Gundy and his decisions but this one throws me for a loop.

Glenn Spencer is a good coach and I'm sure he's a great guy but WTF? Did Gundy make any phone calls to the guys in the SEC? You know, the guys from the conference that actually plays good defense?

I'm afraid this might be more of the same. A shutout against Savannah State and a loss at Arizona that gave me flashbacks to the late 90's doesn't provide much hope.

Prior to coaching linebackers at Oklahoma State, Spencer coached at Duke and Georgia Tech, his alma mater. Not exactly defensive juggernauts. So our defensive coordinator is now a guy that has zero experience coaching team defense at a high level. Awesome.

Give me a DC that has a record of playing good defense, not a thoughtless promotion.

Joe Randle

I've always felt like Randle was a season away from having a breakout season. Don't get me wrong - he's been amazing and we'll miss him but he's never really been on the national scene. I was hoping that he'd do that next year, as usual, but instead he'll forgo his senior season for a shot at playing in the NFL.

Randle is projected as a second or third round pick by most analysts. Does this point to the lack of hope for next season? I mean, couldn't he play himself up to a first rounder with a big year? Did the coaches talk to him about this? Do we even have fucking coaches anymore or are we just letting people do what ever the fuck that want now?

In summary, our coaching staff needed to exhaust themselves with finding a quality DC and then should have passed out trying to convince JR to stay one more year for more money and a higher pick in the draft. Instead, we'll just move our LB coach over to DC and say good luck in the NFL to our bad ass running back.

Horrible Decisions. Good Night.