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The pistol finds another toe, Cowboys fall to Bears 35-24

The Cowboys come up short in Waco.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that wasn't fun.

Oklahoma State had every chance to come into Waco and start off their conference schedule with a win. Whether they were favored or not, the Cowboys had every chance to win.


What went good:

Although the numbers don't look great, the Cowboys did sustain a couple of drives. Justice Hill looked really good for most of the night. Let's not talk about those fumbles.

Even with the numerous first down lost-yardage plays, the Cowboys seemed to find a way to keep drives alive. Mason Rudolph played much better tonight.

Rudolph had his own fumble as well. But overall I think he played a good game.

I haven't look at any numbers so don't try to dissuade me.

What went bad:

Turnovers. Wow.

Okay, let's talk about those fumbles.

Justice Hill had two fumbles, including one back-breaking turnover at Baylor's 1-yard line while the Pokes were down by four in the fourth quarter.

It may have been the biggest play of the game. Bigger than the two touchdowns by Ish Zamora including his first half touchdown that came off of a tipped pass and somewhat luckily fell into his hands.

This is the same Zamora who returned tonight from a three-game suspension after a video surfaced of him "disciplining" his dog.

But, regardless, the Cowboys had every chance to win and left more than two touchdowns on the field at McLane Stadium.

Here's Mike Gundy when asked about the Justice Hill's turnover troubles in his post-game press conference.

"If you cant take care of the ball than it doesn't do any good for us to have you in there."

Here's Gundy on his frustration with the manner in which the Cowboys lost.

"I'm not going to try to hide it. You can tell by looking at me. I told the team the same thing. You've got to learn to take care of the ball and you've got to quit giving up so many big plays on defense. I mean it's a pretty easy press conference for me."

This was a game Oklahoma State should have won. There's no mincing words. Another sloppy game cost them and that's going to be the case when you are careless with the football. The defense did enough early to keep them in (if not allow them to win) this game.

A team that was touted as being the most experienced in the Big 12 is now 2-2 overall and 0-1 in conference play.