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CRFF Physical Distancing Survival Guide: Alcohol

What you should be drinking if you’re practicing social distancing!

US Whiskey Exports To European Union Drop Due To Tariffs Photo by Bryan Woolston/Getty Images

Most Americans are physical distancing right now. Which means bars are not a good idea (and in most places are closed entirely) and we encourage everyone stay in and support local by ordering take out and things of that nature. While you’re stuck at home you’re gonna need alcohol. (just make sure that you’re following distancing measures while you’re going to the liquor stores). Here’s what our staff is drinking while they take proper precautions.

Phillip- Whiskey on the rocks, Or if you like beer, Phillip is recommending Materfamilias by Mother’s Brewing Company. Mother’s is still pretty local to Missouri and the surrounding areas. But if you live in the area, it’s a great way to support local!

His specific recommendations are:

Whiskey: Basil Hayden

Bourbon: Bulleit Rye Whiskey, Buffalo Trace Straight Bourbon

Joel- Joel is also a whiskey on the rocks guy his choice is Jameson , His beer recommendation is more easily available to the Oklahomies out there. He recommends Everything Rhymes With Orange IPA from Roughtail Brewing Company. This is available in most Oklahoma Grocery Stores I believe.

*Writer’s note- I DO NOT like IPAs and Joel made me try this and I liked it.

Robert- Robert is a scotch straight up or “neat” guy. He says beer is too filling and scotch doesn’t give him hangovers.

He recommends:

-Macallan 12

-Monkey Shoulder (blend, made by Macallan)

-Tomatin 12

Brandon- For something a little bit different, he recommends Fabrizia Limoncello.

Micah- For a mixed drink, I’m doing Jameson and ginger ale with a little lime. Beer-wise I’ll be enjoying Stilly Wheat from Stillwater’s own Iron Monk Brewing Company.

What are you guys drinking? Let us know in the comments!