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Round Two Open Game Thread - Let's Talk Travis Ford

Ok, sure there are tons of games going on but let's make this an open thread.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Our comments are quiet and it's a crazy part of the year. Oklahoma State literally just fired its basketball coach while other Big 12 schools are playing in the big dance. So let's talk this out for a few days.

For the next few days, this thread will be open to questions from CRFF readers. Just propose your question in the comments down below and at least one of our wonderful staff members will reply.

Also, don't forget to mention coaches/games you're seeing in the tournament right now. For example, Brad Underwood at SFA could be a very real candidate, so let's talk about him.

We as contributors also want to ask the readers questions:

  • Do you want Doug Gottlieb? Why or why not?
  • Who else would you rather
  • What games are you watching?
  • What Big 12 team do you think will make it the furthest.