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Random Post-Fiest Bowl Musings

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Well that's it, the 2011 Cowboy football season is over, and with a couple of days to digest it, I came to a few conclusions, and have decided to inflict those on you.

First off, it was an amazing season, which, outside of one game, showed some of the best Poke football I've ever seen. I hope we are now beyond quantifying wins or seasons now (because there is only one way to top this, and that's a national championship), because no matter how many Big 12* championships we may win, the first will always be the best. Really, I ask you, try and imagine another scenario that would be better. Were we to lose the game, the goons would have been in the Fiesta Bowl, and we would have probably fallen to the Holiday bowl. Instead, we beat the hell out of our most hated rival, win the conference, and win a BCS game against a team who isn't UCONN.

I have a couple more thoughts, follow me over the jump and I'll share them...

Justin Blackmon is a beast, and you already know this, but to me he's more than just a beast- he's the best receiver in Cowboy history. I don't even need to compare statistics, Blackmon's ability to go into beast mode is incomparable to any receiver I've ever personally seen (and if some of you old bastards can think of one let me know), and his strength is, in a word, stupid. If all that were not enough, he's a better human being than most football players, and will probably, very probably, be better with his money than Dez. Normally I'm saddened when a Cowboy like this leaves, but in this case I'm so damn happy for, and proud of, Blackmon that I can't wait to see what he can do on Sundays. I'll become a fan of any team he's drafted to (but, please God, not the fucking Patriots, that would be like seeing Jesus put on a Nazi uniform), and fully expect him to dominant from day one.

The defense needs a full overhaul. And a new coordinator. Bill Young used to be one of the best in the game, but his strategies are outdated and ineffective. We tackle poorly, which is key to stopping modern offenses. You want to know the difference between LSU's defense and our defense? They play so disciplined. When our linebackers chase on the obvious screen, theirs stay home, make the tackle, and keep the gain under a yard or two. We don't have good gap control, which, regardless of your size, is possible. I've seen it done. Most importantly, when we have a 3rd and 7 or longer, we drop our secondary back 8 or 9 yards, rush 3, and then leave our linebackers to cover slot receivers one on one. Which leads to a 3rd down conversion rate of about 41 percent. We give up almost 450 yards a game and 25 points.

What will happen when we don't have a two time Biletnikoff award winner, being thrown to by a Heisman contender, scoring 50 a game? I guess we'll find out next year. I'm not asking for an Alabama defense, which, given the offense we run, is impossible. I am asking to be in the top 40 in most defensive categories. I believe, that so long as Young is our coordinator, we won't do better than bottom 4th in the nation. If, by some miracle, we ever develop a dominant defense under Young, I'll film myself eating cat shit, but I'm not worried about that.

Finally, I think we know who the better team between the Cowboys and Stanford are. I think, given the fact that Stanford blew leads of 14 points, and then 10 points, and that we played poorly for about 2 quarters, and still won, proves that Stanford wasn't that good. I'd also like to take a moment to rip on those asshole, hello kitty dressing, dickfaces who call themselves the Stanford band. I get it, that's what they do, but show some semblance of class. Instead of actually playing a song, they spent their pregame insulting Oklahoma, refused to stop playing after they lost, and actually stalled the postgame ceremony.

I've spent a couple of years of my life bouncing for bars around Stillwater, and I saw those dicks on a nightly basis.Right now, they're so proud of themselves for having security called on them. But you know what, in a bar, they'll be the first to talk shit, and the last to fight. I bounced those (usually pussy fratboys) assholes every Thursday night for 2 years, and only one had the balls to swing on me. And he regretted that decision almost immediately. So do me a favor, everytime you meet a Stanford fan, tell them how shitty their band is, and how much they suck for being associated with that shit.

That's it, my last thoughts on the 2011 Championship season (unless y'all want more), and I have to say I've enjoyed sharing it with all of you. Hugs and kisses,

Go Pokes

Oh, and that ugly ass Fiesta Bowl trophy? It's the best looking trophy I've ever seen.