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UPDATED: J.W. Walsh Injured Against Missouri State

Reports are swirling that Oklahoma State QB J.W. Walsh may have suffered a broken foot, and could miss 4-6 weeks.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Mayes is now reporting that J.W. Walsh is expected to miss 4-6 weeks unless surgery is needed, then a return this season would be doubtful.


Reports are surfacing that J.W. Walsh's injury may be more serious than we first thought. Sam Mayes with 107.7 The Franchise, and former Oklahoma State All-American is reporting J.W. Walsh may have suffered a broken foot against Missouri State.


J.W. Walsh went down in the first quarter against Missouri State and has been seen on crutches on the sidelines. Apparently it's an ankle injury and not a knee, but this hasn't been (and probably won't ever be) confirmed by anyone at Oklahoma State. Prior to the injury Walsh was 5 for 9 passing for 30 yards with another 42 yards rushing.

Replacing Walsh is junior Daxx Garman who is currently (at halftime) 7 for 12 for 173 yards and one touchdown, as the Cowboys lead 27-6. While I know that many people wanted to see Garman get some reps, I don't think anyone wanted to see them come like this. Hopefully this is a minor injury, and our schedule sets up well to give Walsh some time to heal, but it hurts going three seasons now without a consistently healthy quarterback.

I guess Missouri State wasn't satisfied simply busting our fountain,

Go Pokes